Who We Are
First, we care about the world we live in which is why we refuse to work with dishonest, misleading, or crackpot groups.

Our founder once served as the First Vice Chair for his local Democratic Party organization, and knows how hard it is to run a successful campaign. When he founded Robodial in 2006 the company’s mission was simple: give grass-roots organizations an easy, reliable, affordable way to reach their members.

Since 2006 we’ve made over 200 million calls across the country for more than a thousand campaigns. We’ve learned a lot over that time, especially about understanding our customers’ needs.

With prices starting at a penny per call, we offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry!

Our Track Record
We're proud of the 5-star seller rating our customers have given us on Google Wallet. Evidently we're doing something right!  Here are a few of the recent reviews we have earned:

... Excellent. One-stop service. Calls can be started immediately ...
By CherylN - May 14, 2013 ...

... Robodial is the best
By Jean - Aug 17, 2012 ...

... Service is very easy to use
By ShennyP - Aug 8, 2012 ...

... Great experience. Will definately use this service again
By Shopper - Apr 29, 2012 ...

... Easy to use, friendly, awesome
By LilCLJ - Apr 28, 2012 ...

... Easy, Fast and Effective!! Certainly worth every penny spent!!
By sharness - Jan 16, 2012 ...

Our Dallas-based data center uses redundant interconnects with Qwest, Level3, GLobal Crossing and NTT to give you high-quality, reliable calls.
All of the 200-million-plus calls we have made originated from our Dallas data center.

We worked hard to build a system from the ground up that can handle as many as a million calls per day, and we succeeded. Can your robocall provider handle the inevitable technical issues that arise the day before Election Day? Don’t wait until November to find out!