Order Your Robocall

Our setup process is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3, and you still get the high quality, low rates, reliability, and personalized service that you’ve come to expect from Robodial!

  • Robocall Robopoll
  • Emergency Robocall (cell phones will not be scrubbed)
    We will review your recording for FCC compliance. The FCC defines an emergency robocall as follows:"calls made necessary in any situation affecting the health and safety of consumers.” (CLICK TO READ FCC ENFORCEMENT ADVISORY)

  • Your phone list must use 10-digit phone numbers. Only the first phone number will be picked up from each line of your spreadsheet. If you have multiple lists that you want to combine, just zip them all up together and send the zip file

  • Use this if you want to upload your own recording instead of calling in to our Recording Studio. We can accept WAV files, MP3s, etc.